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Produced with organic tangerines cultivated on the portuguese Oeste region, this liqueur is clearly unmistakable. With a clear yet strong taste of tangerines, it is one of the most appealing liqueurs we produce. It is also a must have for those who love the tangerine liqueur their grandmother used to make.

With a low alcohol content – 16% vol. – it is more of a crème than a classic liqueur. This is our 20cl bottle.

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This liqueur is obtained from organic tangerines produced on the portuguese Oeste Region. Throughout the manufacturing process, the essence of the fruit is captured and concentrated in order to create a liqueur with a soft, sweet and pronounced flavour to the fruit that gave origin to it.



The production of the organic tangerine liqueur starts with the production of a fruit brandy.

The production of the fruit brandies starts at the end of the Summer, as the fruit starts to get ripe and ready to be picked. As the summer draws to an end, and throughout the autumn, the fruit is then picked, selected, crushed and fermented. During the fermentation stage the sugar content of the fruit is transformed into alcohol. As the fermentation draws to an end, and all of the sugar has already been converted into alcohol, the resulting dough is then distilled and re-distilled in order to extract the alcohol from it.

This process is done on a copper alembic, as is traditional, and has been done for hundreds of years on the Iberic peninsula.

And thus, a spirit with the flavour of the fruit that gave origin to it – an aguardente or eau-de-vie as it is also known – is produced. A distilled product characteristic of southern europe.

In order to make the liqueur, tangerines are then selected and macerated on this previously made brandy, along with spices that complement the fruit flavour. During this process, the alcohol of the brandy absorbs the essence of the fruit – colour and flavour – and acquires an even more intense fruity flavour.

After some time the mix is then filtered, and a syrup made out of organic cane sugar is then added to the filtered fruit brandy. This syrup is what will then sweeten the liqueur and give it its characteristic sweet flavour. After the sugar has been added, the liqueur is then aged. During this stage the flavour of the liqueur changes, becoming softer and more developed. It is only after this that the liqueur is ready to be bottled.

As with most good wines, the liqueur will then continue to improve as it becomes older – the flavour of the brandy will become softer, and the overall flavour will continue to improve.

For more details please visit the official website at www.aessencia.pt

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organic tangerine liqueur

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alcohol content

16% vol.


Fruit Brandy, Cane Sugar, Tangerine, Spices, Lemon Juice



produced and bottled by

SABOR BIO LDA | Caldas da Rainha

certified organic by



keep in a cool and dry place


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