Raspberry Vinegar


Our raspberry vinegar is made out of cider vinegar and raspberry juice. We produce it using traditional methods, and we leave it unpasteurized. With a smooth flavour and a slight taste of raspberry it is ideal for those willing to risk a little. It is available in 25cl bottles.

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This vinegar was our first fruit vinegar to be released, with a light taste of raspberry it is a favourite for those who would like a vinegar a little different from normal.

Our raspberry vinegar is made using our cider vinegar and raspberry juice. It is available in 25cl bottles.


The process used in order to produce the vinegar is simple and traditional.

We start by making apple juice and then we ferment it twice. During the first fermentation the sugar from the apples is converted into alcohol, and during the second fermentation the alcohol is converted into acetic acid. It is thus that the cider and the cider vinegar are produced.

Overall our vinegar takes about a year to be produced.

After the cider vinegar is finished, we press raspberries to make raspberry juice and add the raspberry juice to the cider vinegar.

One of the characteristics of our vinegar is the fact that it is not pasteurized, unfortunately that means a lot more care must be taken with its storage conditions. Please keep it in a cool place and away from the sunlight, in order to keep it as stable as possible. A neat trick is to simply keep it in the fridge.

With time, it will eventually acquire a gelationous film – mother of vinegar – this is perfectly normal and does not keep it from being used.

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organic apple vinegar with raspberry




Portugal | Oeste


Raspberry Juice, Cider vinegar





produced and bottled by

SABOR BIO LDA | Caldas da Rainha

certified organic by



Keep in a cool place away from the sunlight

Nutrition declaration

With no added sugars, salt or sulphites.
Contains naturally occurring sugars and sodium.

average values per 100 ml
energy 29 kJ | 7 kcal
fat 0,0 g
of which saturates 0,0 g
carbohydrates 2,18 g
of which sugars 1,70 g
fibre 0,0 g
protein 0,0 g
salt 0,01 g
manganese 0,3 mg

Source: Canadian Nutrient Files and USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Sugestões de utilização


Este vinagre tanto pode ser utilizado com vegetais, como com carne ou peixe.

Pode ser utilizado como um vinagre normal, para temperar saladas e vegetais crus ou cozinhados tais como tomate, cenoura, alface, cebola, ou pepino. Mas também com batatas, abóboras, brócolos ou grelos entre outros.

Liga bem com todo o tipo de carnes e enchidos, tais como porco, vaca, pato, galinha ou peru. Liga bem com peixes e mariscos tais como sardinha, bacalhau, salmão, truta, lulas, camarão, gambas ou caranguejo.

Liga ainda bem com queijos, frutos secos, azeite e molho de soja, e com todo o tipo de fruta fresca.


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