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This snack is made 100% out of organic golden apples cultivated on the portuguese Oeste region. Delicious and healthy – without added sugar or salt, source of vitamins and minerals, and rich in fiber – this is your ideal healthy snack. From all of our apple snacks this is the one with most vitamins and minerals, as such, it tends to be favoured by those who care about their health.

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Golden apples are typically yellow and originate from the United States. With a crisp, juicy and mildly sweet flavour they tend to be a very popular anywhere in the world. In Portugal they are amongst the varieties cultivated in the Oeste region – the varieties we use for this snack are Golden Delicious and Golden Supreme. The fruit we use is all produced by local fruit growers – in case you’re interested you can check who produced the fruit in every package.


Our snacks are easy to make, but the process takes time.

We start by slicing the fruit and then we put it inside greenhouses, specially built to protect the fruit, while it dries in the sun. This process besides being more environmentally friendly than drying the fruit in ovens, also allows for the fruit to retain the same flavour was when it was fresh – something quite unique to our fruit snacks.

As the fruit dries the flavour intensifies. That is why the fruit is so sweet, despite the fact that we add no sugar.

The fruit takes about 3 days to dry – depending on the wheather. After it is ready it is then packaged.

All of our snacks are a source of vitamins and minerals and are high in fiber. For more detailed information please check the nutrition declaration below.

Additional information

Weight 0,06 kg

organic dried apple slices






Portugal | Oeste





fruit produced by

Octávio Martins | Caldas da Rainha

dehydrated and packaged by

SABOR BIO LDA | Caldas da Rainha

certified organic by



keep in a cool and dry place

Nutrition declaration

With no added sugars.
Contains naturally occurring sugars.

average values per 100 g per portion * %RDA**
energy 1362 kJ 681 kJ 8%
322 kcal 161 kcal
fat 0,6 g 0,3 g < 1%
of which saturates 0,0 g 0,0 g 0%
carbohydrates 71,2 g 35,6 g 14%
of which sugars 56,7 g 28,4 g 32%
fibre 13,0 g 6,5 g 27%
protein 1,5 g 0,8 g 2%
salt 0,00 g 0,00 g < 1%
vitamin E 3,81 mg 1,90 mg 16%
vitamin C 25,8 mg 12,9 mg 16%
thiamin B1 0,19 mg 0,10 mg 9%
riboflavin B2 0,19 mg 0,10 mg 7%
pyridoxine B6 0,71 mg 0,35 mg 25%
biotin 7,7 μg 3,9 μg 8%
potassium 709,5 mg 354,8 mg 18%
copper 0,26 mg 0,13 mg 13%
manganese 0,6 mg 0,3 mg 16%

* 50g. Each bag contains 1 portion.
** Recommended Daily Allowance
Sources: Laboratory tests done to our products – values in bold – and McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods Integrated Dataset.

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Os snacks podem ser comidos directamente do pacote mas também podem ser consumidos de outras maneiras, eis algumas sugestões de utilização de alguns blogs de culinária nossos parceiros:

O cantinho dos Gulosos


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