about us

SABOR BIO is a family owned company, established on the Portuguese countryside, near Caldas da Rainha, that dedicates itself to processing organic fruit, and that specializes in the production of alcoholic beverages made out of fruit.

We produce fruit brandies – made 100% out of organic fruit – fruit liqueurs – made out of the fruit brandies produced in-house, fruit, spices and cane sugar – and we also produce cider in order to make a better use of the apples we have available.

With the cider we make cider vinegar, and it is thus that we got to our secondary line of products – organic condiments & seasonings. With our fruit brandies we also produce chilli peppers in fruit brandy, and since we produce our own chilli peppers, we also make them available fresh, dried and ground.

Besides producing organic fruit brandies and liqueurs, and organic condiments and seasonings, we also produce organic dried fruit and organic fruit juices – once again in order to make a better use of the fruit we have available.

did you know that…

All of our products have in common the fact that they all keep well. That all of the fruit used by us is certified organic, and that all of our products are certified organic as well?

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The roots of SABOR BIO go back to 1965 when the family of farmers, that gave origin to it, started to specialize on the production of fruit – mainly apples and pears. In 1993 there was a conversion to protecção integrada or integrated pest management, so as to reduce the amount of chemicals used, and in 2003 the process of converting all of the orchards to organic farming started.

In 2011 another step forward was taken, this time to process the fruit – that is produced in excess in some years – into products that keep, such as fruit brandies and liqueurs – our main products – but also into cider, cider vinegar, preserves in alcohol and in vinegar, and dried fruit.

In order to do that SABOR BIO was then created. The focus went into the production of organic alcoholic beverages, since there was a lack of these kind of products worldwide. Still we also make other products that include, in some way or another, alcoholic beverages in their making, or that complement the products already made by us.

Our distillery – one of the first in the country to produce organic distillates and the first to produce organic fruit liqueurs – quickly became established. After having released our first liqueur at the end of 2011, soon the fruit produced by us was no longer enough for the demand we were having. Currently we are also buying fruit from neighboring fruit growers.

Since 2011 we have released a few more products such as our fruit brandies, our dried fruit and our line of condiments & seasonings – cider vinegar and chilli peppers – fresh, dried, ground and in fruit brandy.

In 2015, due to the rise in demand for our products, we increased our production capacity by building a new facility. We started exporting into Sweden and we released our line of fruit juices.

Recently we started producing organic raspberries and blackberries, with which we produce our raspberry liqueur, and our raspberry vinegar in its normal and sweet & sour versions.

As for the future, you can always keep up with what we are up to, by connecting with us on facebook at www.facebook.com/saborbio