organic rocha pear liqueur

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Produced with organic rocha pears cultivated on the portuguese Oeste region, this liqueur is clearly a favourite. With a sweet taste reminiscent of rocha pears, spices and caramel, it is one of the sweetest liqueurs we produce.

With a low alcohol content – 16% vol. – it is more of a crème than a classic liqueur. It is available in both 20cl and 50cl bottles.

This liqueur is made with organic rocha pear brandy produced in-house. In the overall we use more than 3 kilos of fruit in order to produce one liter of this liqueur – more than 80% of the total ingredients used.

This liqueur is made exclusively with rocha pears – no other varieties were used. The pears were produced by several farmers on the Oeste region. Being most of the fruit produced by Octávio Martins – – near Caldas da Rainha.

Aside from the fruit, organic cane sugar and spices were also used, all of them provenient from organic farming.

This liqueur can be drank straight, chilled, or on the rocks. It can also be used as an add-on for several deserts, including ice cream.

rocha pear

The rocha pear, or portuguese pear as it is also known, was first discovered in 1836 near Sintra, in the property of Mr. Rocha. It is currently cultivated mostly on the portuguese Oeste or ‘West’ region, due to this region’s micro-climate, which is optimal for the cultivation of this pear.

It is also known as portuguese pear because more than 99% of it, is produced in Portugal.

This pale yellow pear, sometimes with a pink tinge on the sunny side, is characterized by its taste – soft to melting, granular, sweet, non-acid, very juicy and moderately yet distinctively aromatic.

With a white, hard and firm, crunchy and juicy pulp, this pear is usually picked in August, when the portuguese summer is at its peak.