Chilli Peppers in Fruit Brandy


The chilli peppers we use are produced on the portuguese Oeste region exclusively for us. We make them available in all sorts of ways in order to make the best possible use of them. For this product we select some of our fruit brandy and then steep the smallest of the chilli peppers available in it, thus obtaining this versatile hot sauce.

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Originary from Mozambique, the piri-piri – or African Bird’s Eye Chili pepper, as it is also known – was brough to Portugal were it became commonplace in portuguese cuisine. It can be used with any dish, including desserts – since it goes really well with chocolate – but it must be used carefully.

Being able to reach 175,000 Scoville heat units, it is spicier than cayenne pepper or tabasco. As such, it must be used sparingly.

The chilli peppers we use, are produced on the portuguese Oeste region exclusively for us and we make them available fresh, dried, ground and in fruit brandy.


The process used in order to produce our chilli peppers in fruit brandy is quite simple. We select some of our fruit brandy and then add chilli peppers. The alcohol from the brandy extracts the colour, flavour, and more importantly, the spiciness of the chilli peppers. The older it gets, the stronger it becomes. A good rule of thumb is to look at the chillies – the whiter they are, the stronger the sauce has become. But as added help we place the year in which the sauce was made proeminently on the bottle.

In terms of use, the chilli peppers in fruit brandy are used in the exact same way as their most common counterpart – the chilli peppers in olive oil – but with an added advantage – as long as you take care not to let the alcohol evaporate, they keep for ages. Which is great if you only use hot sauce once in a while.

Other advantages include the pure flavour. We always stress this whenever there is a tasting of our products – you really cannot notice the alcohol – not in terms of smell nor in terms of flavour – just the chilli peppers! Don’t believe us? Then we invite you to pop up on one of our tastings. This is great when you are cooking recipes where olive oil is not welcome for instance.

When comparing to the other ways in which we make chilli peppers available, this is the most versatile – you can add a small teaspoon when cooking OR you can all a few drops direcly on the plate. Plus everything can be used… the sauce and the chillies inside the bottle as well.

Additional information

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Organic Chilli Peppers in Fruit Brandy




Portugal | Oeste


Fruit Brandy, Chilli Peppers

alcohol content

40% vol.

production year




produced and bottled by

SABOR BIO LDA | Caldas da Rainha

certified organic by



Add sparingly just before eating


Keep at room temperature away from the sunlight

Nutrition declaration

With no added sugars, salt or sulphites.
Contains naturally occurring sugars.

average values per 100 ml 
energy 1331 kJ | 321 kcal
fat 0,1 g
of which saturates 0,0 g
carbohydrates 1,1 g
of which sugars 1,1 g
fibre 2,8 g
protein 0,4 g
salt 0,00 g
vitamin A 78,1 μg
vitamin C 53,4 mg

Sources: Instituto Ricardo Jorge and Nuttab – Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

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