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The chilli peppers we use are produced on the portuguese Oeste region exclusively for us. We make them available in all sorts of ways in order to make the best possible use of them. For this product we select the best looking chillies we have available, and then dry them in order for them to keep. Ideal for when using chilli peppers out of the season.

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Originary from Mozambique, the piri-piri – or African Bird’s Eye Chili pepper, as it is also known – was brough to Portugal were it became commonplace in portuguese cuisine. It can be used with any dish, including desserts – since it goes really well with chocolate – but it must be used carefully.

Being able to reach 175,000 Scoville heat units, it is spicier than cayenne pepper or tabasco. As such, it must be used sparingly.

The chilli peppers we use are produced on the portuguese Oeste region exclusively for us and we make them available fresh, dried, ground and in fruit brandy.


The process used in order to produce our dried chilli peppers is quite simple. We select the best looking chilli peppers we have available, and them dry them in the sun. During the process the chilli peppers are stored inside a greenhouse specially built, so as to protect them from the dust and other things. After this process is finished, we put them in a wood oven in order for them to slowly finish drying. 

In terms of use, the dried chilli peppers are used in the exact same way that you would use any other spice. You can ground them yourself immediately before use for the freshest flavour, or just crush them.

The dried chilli peppers is the option to go for when using chilli peppers out of season. Also, they keep much longer than fresh chilli peppers so they are ideal for those who only use chilli peppers once in a while.

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Organic Dried Chilli Peppers




Portugal | Oeste


Chilli Peppers



chilli peppers produced by

António Martins | Caldas da Rainha

dehydrated and packaged by

SABOR BIO LDA | Caldas da Rainha

certified organic by



keep in a cool and dry place

Nutrition declaration


average values per 100 g
energy 609 kJ | 147 kcal
fat 1,2 g
of which saturates 0,3 g
carbohydrates 12,4 g
of which sugars 12,4 g
fibre 31,3 g
protein 4,1 g
salt 0,02 g
vitamin A 867,3 μg
vitamin E 2,4 mg
vitamin K 41,3 μg
vitamin C 593,0 mg
thiamin B1 0,30 mg
riboflavin B2 0,50 mg
niacin B3 10,3 mg
pyridoxine B6 0,74 mg
folic acid 62,0 μg
potassium 885,0 mg
magnesium 82,6 mg
iron 3,2 mg
copper 0,50 mg
manganese 0,6 mg

Sources: Nuttab – Food Standards Australia New Zealand, USDA National Nutrient Database, McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods Integrated Dataset, and Food Composition Database for Epidemiological Studies in Italy.

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